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The go-to experts for all your defibrillator, first aid and defibrillator training needs.
The go-to experts for all your defibrillator, first aid and defibrillator training needs.
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Our guide to buying a defibrillator

Our guide to buying a defibrillator

We have put this guide together to help get you the right defibrillator for your needs. We want you to be confident in the knowledge that you have the right defibrillator and that it is always ready for use.

The aim for us is to deliver to you the same technology that is used by emergency medical professionals but in a simple and easy to use way giving you the perfect peace of mind.

Things to consider when purchasing a defibrillator


Our units will self maintain themselves and warn you if they have issues. Our Wifi connected units will do this by contacting you directly, other units will self test and display warnings so a brief visual check is all you need. They don’t require any ongoing maintenance on a regular basis although the pads are single use and have expiry dates.


Should be appropriate to the environment. For example if it is going to be outside it should be in a weatherproof cabinet but if it is being stored inside an office it could just be clearly labeled on a shelf.


Defibs are designed to be used by a complete novice and most will give clear instructions. Saying that, training could increase the chance of someone helping in an emergency and so we would always recommended it. Our sister company STS First Aid has a variety of courses that can help.


Each brand has slightly different warranty periods, the average is around 10 years. 

If you have any questions about this or any of our products please call the team on 0208 211 2054.

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