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The go-to experts for all your defibrillator, first aid and defibrillator training needs.
The go-to experts for all your defibrillator, first aid and defibrillator training needs.
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A Guide to Buying Your First Defib

A Guide to Buying Your First Defib

It can be very daunting when purchasing your first Defibrillator, this article hopefully will assist you in working your way through the various defibrillators on the market. We offer impartial advice in providing you with the most suitable defibrillator for your requirements.
Our first advice is to chose something that is simple, robust, easy and simple to use.  A defibrillator with a warranty is also a must, all ours come with a warranty that is on average 8 years (each unit varies so please refer to each defib).
The Cardiac Science G5 is a good place to start as it is a mid range defibrillator that requires no maintenance and does its own checks. As long as the green light is on trust that it is ready to use.


Every business or environment will have slightly different requirements due to the first aiders and the size of the company, below are a few recommendations based on your business requirements:


The G5 or Heartsine are a great unit as they are easy to use for the every day first aider, light weight and compact. The samaritan PAD has a very high IP56 dirt and water protection rating. To help the rescuer remain calm in an emergency, the defibrillator issues audible step-by-step prompts and sounds a metronome for guidance on CPR speed.


Large Offices:

Here you will find the AED defibrillators suitable for an office environment. Nowadays having a defibrillator in the office is essential for both employers and employees. AED defibrillators combined with effective CPR are the only form of treatment for someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. 

For larger offices that will require more than one defibrillator the CR2 with WIFI will take the hassle out of battery maintenance as they can all be checked through WIFI as to the battery lifespan the unit does daily, weekly and monthly automatic self tests. Lay responders can also be confident in using this defibrillator.

Swimming pools/gyms:

When you talk about sports and the effects on the heart it is quite easy to see why AED defibrillators are a must in these environments. Our defibrillators can be operated by anyone in life-threatening situations – regardless of medical training – and can even be used while in transit. The Heartsine is a great option as it is trustworthy around water, if you have advance first aiders on site it maybe worth while spending a bit more an investing in the Zoll. The Zoll offers rapid shock analysis, the screen gives rapid feed back and the screen is dust and water tight. This device also has a child mode so is universal to both adult and children.


Batteries and replacement pads are sold on our website as replacement for when your unit requires replacement. The pads generally have a 4 year life span, if the pads are used they need to be replaced, so a spare set is not a bad idea but this is not a requirement. Cabinets are a good idea for storage but again not essential but please consider where the AED will be kept when purchasing one. The AED should be stored where it can be accessed easily in an emergency.

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