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The go-to experts for all your defibrillator, first aid and defibrillator training needs.
The go-to experts for all your defibrillator, first aid and defibrillator training needs.
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Defib and heart

What to know before you buy a Defib.

At we have put together a list of things you should consider before you buy your Defib

What is a defib?

A defibrillator(defib) is a device that can be used to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm during cardiac arrest. Those available to the public work automatically and provide instructions and will not deliver a shock unless one is necessary.  

Why is a defib important? 

30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen each year in the UK, and 9 out of 10 are fatal. Investing in a defib from could be the difference between life and death.

How do I know if I need one? 

Having a defib on your premises is a relatively small investment that could one day save someone’s life, whether in a residential, community or workplace setting. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that certain businesses have defibrillators, whilst others should perform a needs assessment to identify if they should have one. This assessment includes: 

Consideration of how many people may be in, near, or passing through your workplace (as the likelihood of cardiac arrest increases with more people) 

The age of those people (as age is a risk factor for heart disease) 

The nature of the location (remoteness may affect emergency service response times and the availability of alternatives). 

Some businesses choose to have defib on their premises regardless of a needs assessment, because they want to demonstrate their commitment to keeping their colleagues, customers and local community safe. Many organisations(Inc. the Resuscitation Council), ourselves included, think that most premises would benefit from a defibrillator.

What type of defib do I need? 

Defibs vary, with some providing more protection from the elements than others (making them more suitable for harsher environments), some containing additional features such as LCD display screens and some providing real time CPR feedback. The cost of each defib also varies depending on their features. Deciding on the best defib for you really depends on your environment and the budget you have. Get in touch with us using the contact us details below and we can help guide you on which defib will be most suitable for you.  

What's the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic defibrillator? 

Semi-automatic defibrillators will ask the rescuer to press a button to deliver a shock if needed and when prompted. Fully automatic defibrillators, on the other hand, automate this process and will deliver the shock automatically if needed. And it will tell the rescuer a shock is about to be delivered so that they can make sure they aren't touching the casualty. 

How many do I need? 

Just having one defibrillator could be the difference between life and death. But if you are an organisation with multiple sites, or based in an office with several floors, our team can advise you on the right number to maximise your chances of saving a life but at a budget you can afford. 

What accessories do I need? 

Defibs from come with all the necessary components you need to be able to treat a sudden cardiac arrest straight away, but you can get additional items such as a cabinet and brackets from our online shop

If you are budgeting ahead then it's worth knowing that the pads and battery will need to be replaced every five years and this will cost approximately £250. And pads will need to be replaced if they are used to treat a cardiac arrest. 

Do I need training? 

Defibs are designed to be used by anyone and so you do not have to be trained to use one. What we do find is that those who have been trained are far more confident when using the device and more likely to achieve positive outcomes for the patient. Our sister company STS Health and Safety run Defibrillator and CPR training courses across the UK will make sure you have the confidence to act when it really counts. 

How do I buy a defibrillator?

You can purchase a defibrillator and any of the accessories directly from our online shop using a credit or debit card. Our defibrillator and accessories range can be found here. If you are a business and would like to place an order by invoice, please get in touch with us using the details below and we can arrange this for you.

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